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Executive Assistant


Ensures that the department or a specific office operation is provided with prompt and accurate clerical services by setting clerical priorities, including coordinating the clerical function of the department and/or the office, as well as performing a wide variety of clerical duties and responsibilities.

Ensures that the Chief of Police is able to spend a maximum amount of work time performing managerial and/or supervisory duties, by effectively screening all incoming correspondence and calls (before they are submitted to the Chief of Police) and handling as many routine administrative items as possible on the secretarial level, as provided within the administrative procedures of the department and/or office.


The Executive Assistant position is under the direction of the Chief of Police.  The position maintains a close and highly responsive relationship to the day-to-day work activities of the Chief of Police.  This includes working independently on assigned projects and routing matters usually receiving a minimum of detailed direction and guidance.  The Executive Assistant position does a considerable amount of work of a confidential nature including receiving, compiling, processing and filing various confidential information which encompasses personnel, labor/management, fiscal planning, complaints and enforcement activities.

The position schedules appointments and arranges meetings including setting meeting times and securing meeting facilities.  The position may attend various meetings with the Chief of Police to take notes and prepare minutes of the meeting.  The Executive Assistant position establishes daily work procedures and assignments including setting clerical priorities based on general information and direction provided by the Chief of Police.  This may include supervising and assigning clerical work to other clerical personnel assigned to the same department and/or office.  The position may be assigned to coordinate on-going recordkeeping and administrative programs which involves receiving, recording and processing information from within the same department, as well as, from other departments.

The Executive Assistant position performs various secretarial, clerical and typing duties requiring independent judgment and the ability to rearrange, expand, segregate or tabulate printed material.  The position also composes and edits correspondence on a variety of subjects.  This may include the use of word processing equipment.

The position reviews correspondence, memorandums and reports prepared by others for consideration of the Chief of Police to ensure proper procedural and typographical accuracy.  The position may provide information to residents, and/or employees pertaining to established departmental and/or office procedures services, policies and other related information.  The Executive Assistant position may be assigned to collect information including developing written and telephone surveys from general instructions provided by the Chief of Police.  This includes preparing the information in a clear and precise fashion when it is presented.

The position may recommend the development and/or revision of departmental or office forms and office procedures, so that the filing and processing of information is facilitated.  The Executive Assistant position may take dictation or transcribe from recordings and type letters and memos from the information provided.

The position may prepare reports and recommendations on matters concerning the clerical function of the department and/or office.  The position also receives various requests for information from other government agencies and prepares and sends the information requested.  This includes completing and filing quarterly and annual reports.  In addition, the position receives and screens all telephone calls intended for the Chief of Police.  This includes determining which calls should be forwarded to the Chief of Police and which calls can be handled by the position or someone else in the organization.

The position also is required to perform in varying degrees, duties assigned to the Administrative Assistant / Receptionist position.

The position is challenged by the need to perform and coordinate the clerical function for the department and/or office by planning, organizing and establishing clerical priorities and ensuring that clerical support is provided in a timely and accurate fashion.

The position has contact with Department Heads and other representatives from the respective departments.  The position may also have contact with elected officials, representatives from other governmental agencies and the general public.

The position's effectiveness can be measured by its ability to plan, organize and carry out the entire clerical function of the department and/or office.


Training and Experience:  Completion of two semesters of high school level clerical coursework, two years of high school level mathematics and English; and four years of comprehensive clerical office experience.

Knowledge and Skills:  Considerable knowledge of departmental programs, policies, rules and regulations; considerable knowledge of office practices and procedures and office equipment; good knowledge of business letter writing and forms; for some positions, good knowledge of technical or legal terminology; considerable knowledge of business English, spelling, grammar and punctuation; good knowledge of the department (office) operations.  Considerable skill in the operation of office equipment rapidly and accurately; considerable skill in maintaining various office records, accounts or files; good skill in following written and verbal instructions good skill in composing letters, memoranda, and reports.  Considerable skill in working independently with only general instructions; considerable skill in providing a full range of secretarial services including using discretionary judgment when providing information; considerable skill in establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship with other employees and the general public; good skill in organizing the work and workflow in the department/office; good skill in exercising good judgment.

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